What is Myobrace?

The Myobrace system is a preorthodontic treatment that focuses on Myobrace-Image-300x225preventing the development of crooked teeth by addressing the underlying causes, often without the need for extractions and thus allows for the natural growth and development of the jaws and face.

Treatment is best suited to children aged 3 to 15 and involves using a series of removable intra-oral appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours each day plus overnight while sleeping.  Thus the child doesn’t need to wear the appliance at school.

What causes crooked teeth?

Majority of children have crooked teeth that could be detected from age five and has often been attributed to hereditary factors.  However modern research has produced evidence to suggest other causes.   Incorrect myofunctional habits such as those listed below are the real causes:

  • Mouth breathing
  • tongue thrusting
  • reverse swallowing
  • thumb sucking

Allergies, asthma and an open mouth posture also contribute to incorrect jaw development.

What does the Myobrace correct?

  • Corrects poor oral habits
  • Develops & aligns the jaws
  • Straightens the teeth
  • Optimises facial development
  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes healthy eating habits

Myobrace is designed to deal with these incorrect myofunctional habits by teaching children to breathe through their nose, rest the tongue correctly in the roof of the mouth, swallow correctly and continue widening the jaws so they grow to their full and proper size. This results in sufficient room for the teeth, allowing them to come in naturally straight and often without the need for braces.  In some cases, braces would still be needed following the myobrace treatment but the treatment would be much simpler following a course of Myobrace than if the complications were left to escalate and be treated by braces alone.  Often that would mean a much longer treatment with braces that could go on for several years which would be more uncomfortable for the patient and more costly.


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