Latest Technology

At Dental Square, we have implemented the latest technology to allow our patients to always remain safe and comfortable as well as allowing us to deliver the top quality dental treatment we are dedicated to serving.

Laser Technology

At Dental Square we have implemented Laser technology into our treatment modalities. This allows patients to have certain treatments, which were once considered invasive, completed with tremendous ease and Pain Free. Treatments such as gum contouring or Gummy Smile treatment where the excess gums are trimmed away can now be completed without any bleeding or sutures.

Intra-Oral Camera
An Intra-Oral camera is a small device that fits in your mouth that allows us to take images of your teeth and allows YOU to see what we see in your mouth displayed on the overhead monitor. An excellent tool that every dentist should have and patients love it!

In-Chair TV Entertainment
With patient comfort being of paramount importance to us, we have decided to incorporate ceiling mounted TV screens in all our treatment rooms. This allows our patients to watch their favourite movie or for children to watch cartoons while they lie back and have their dental treatment done.

Low Dose Digital X-rays
At Dental Square, we only use Digital X-rays. This allows for only a 1/3 of the radiation to be delivered when compared with conventional X-rays. Other advantages are the ability to create a much sharper and clearer image that can be enlarged on the screen and manipulated so see even the smallest conditions. Digital X-rays in dentistry are important in diagnosing disease, but also in monitoring health for treatment success.

Amalgam Free/Mercury Free Practice
Dental Square is  an Amalgam-Free practice.  We no longer need to rely on Mercury containing Amalgam for our restorations but only use white or tooth coloured fillings and restorations that are mercury free.  We also take adequate precautions when replacing exisiting Amalgam fillings for our patients.  We have also fitted the practice’s plumbing system with Amalgam separators to prevent any Amalgam or mercury from being disposed with the rest of the waste.  The safety of our patients and the environment is our priority.

ZOOM!® 1hour Teeth Whitening
At Dental Square, we have researched and incorporated what we believe is the best Teeth Whitening System for our patients. Philips ZOOM!® Whitespeed is the worlds #1 most requested whitening system in the world. It allows our patients to have their teeth whitened by up to 12 shades in just one hour while they sit back, relax and watch their favourite movie or TV show.

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