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Wisdom Teeth Management

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Third molars, otherwise known as Wisdom teeth, are the last set of teeth to erupt into the mouth and they usually grow between the ages of 17-25.  They are the furthest teeth back in the mouth and there are usually 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom.

Some people are lucky enough not to have problems with their wisdom teeth.  However when the wisdom teeth don’t come out properly, they can cause complications such as infections, pain, cysts in the jaw, and they can even damage the neighboring teeth.  When wisdom teeth fail to erupt into the mouth properly they are said to have become “impacted” and the dentist may recommend having them removed.

Sometimes fully erupted wisdom teeth may be non-functional, heavily decayed or at risk of periodontal disease and your dentist may suggest removal of the wisdom teeth for those reasons as well.

Unfortunately, many of these issues can be extremely uncomfortable for teenagers and adolescents resulting in a dental emergency.  Having the wisdom teeth removed early before they grow is often the best and surprisingly enough, the most conservative treatment option as it prevents any further problems.

At Dental Square, your dentist will consider each case individually and suggest the most appropriate management plan for each condition. We routinely remove wisdom teeth at our practice and offer sedation options as well where appropriate.

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