Sleep Dentistry, IV sedation

Sleep Dentistry – IV Sedation

Pain-Free and Anxiety-Free Sleep Dentistry

At Dental Square, we understand that many of our patients can feel anxious from dental treatment and hence we have taken steps to implement all the solutions and services to allow us to provide our patients with the most comfortable dental experience possible.

At Dental Square, we offer our patients the option of IV-Intravenous Sedation Dentistry in our Ryde dental practice, otherwise known as Sleep Dentistry or Twilight Sedation.

With the help of a qualified Medical Sedationist, our patients can now enjoy a completely relaxing experience, where they get all their dental treatment completed in one visit while they lay asleep.

The experience is very relaxing and comfortable, and even a long 4 hour session will feel like only 10 minutes. The sedation also has an amnesic effect; meaning you won’t even remember a thing!

So if you have put off going to the Dentist because of fears or anxiety of dental treatment, at Dental Square we have the solution for you.  Call us on (02) 8068 2109 and allow us to help you start a new chapter in the care for your dental health.


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