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Root Canal Treatment

The inside chamber of the tooth is known as the pulp and contains the blood supply and nerve tissue of each tooth.  Those tissues and nerves run along the canals in the roots of the teeth (hence the name Root Canal).  A deep cavity, crack or injury to the tooth can cause the nerve to become damaged and infected.  Without treatment, the patient can experience pain, an abscess or swelling, tooth loss and eventually damage to the surrounding bone region.

dental caries

With endodontic treatment or root canal therapy, we are able to carefully remove the infected nerve and tissues from the tooth, then gently clean and seal the root canal to protect it from bacteria.

Where we once couldn’t save these teeth and had to extract them, root canal therapy gives those teeth a second chance and we are now able to preserve them.

Following the completion of the Root Canal Therapy, a crown may be required to restore the tooth.

At Dental Square, our team is experienced at providing Root canal Therapy.  When treated promptly, the treatment is completed virtually pain-free under local anaesthetic.  We have employed the latest technology in “Rotary Endodontics” that allows us to complete the treatment quickly and efficiently with minimal discomfort to the patient and in some cases the entire root canal treatment can be completed in a single visit.

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